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This article was inspired by a post on by Derek Halpren. It was so good that I've taken the liberty of rewriting it with a real estate twist in an effort to make it even more relevant and helpful for Realtors.

How to Create an Amazing About Page For Your Real Estate Website

Before we jump right into this post on "about" page strategies, you’ll need to ask yourself: “What’s the main goal of my about page?”
If your website is built to generate leads you will likely need to humanize it a bit. At least that’s how I’d treat it.
Now keeping that in mind… Here are the five sections of amazing about pages for Realtors:

Section 1: A Persuasive, Benefit-Driven Headline

There are too many about pages that use the headline “About.” And while that might be descriptive, remember, no body cares about you (yet). They want to know what you and your site can do for them.

For example, at, I use this headline: “Why Social Triggers Will Help You Get Traffic And Increase Sales”

Yes, it’s about Social Triggers, but it’s also about the person reading it too.

Here's an obvious real estate example:

"Why Working With Me On Your Next Move Can Save You Time And Money "

Or something like…

"Why [] And My Experience Will Help You Save Time And Money On Your Next Move"

Get creative and change it up a bit but make sure it's focused on what you and your website can do for them.

Section 2: A Short, Reassuring Benefit-Driven Introduction

Again, remember, people click on your About page to learn how your site can help them. And that’s why you must reassure your website visitors that they’re in the right place. To do that, tell them exactly what your site will give them, and what it will do for them. Note, this section shouldn’t be any longer than a few short paragraphs.

Here's an example:

"If you're looking for a new home in the [city or area name here], you’re in the right place. If you’re interested in selling your [city or area name here] home for top dollar, you’re also in the right place.

Here’s the deal: You need to know what's driving our local real estate market.

If you know what's making it “tick,” you can buy or sell like a seasoned professional.

How do I find out what's driving the local real estate market?

I’ll break down statistical research and recent transaction history into simple, actionable steps that can help your next move go smoothly and stress free."

Section 3: Social Proof, Testimonials, And Other Reassurance

Now I know this might sound cheesy… …But since you’re kicking off your about page with some promises, adding a few testimonials, and/or other pieces of reassurance will help your website visitors realize they’re in the right place. What should you share? Personally, at this point, I like to share quotes from actual past clients.

If you're new to the business you may use some choice excerpts from other similar recommendations you've received in a previous capacity that describes important character attributes.

It doesn’t matter. Proof is proof.

(Warning: don’t make this up if you don’t have it).

Section 4: Finally, Here’s Where You Can Jump Into Your Personal Story

 Even though now is the time to share your personal story, remember, people are there to learn about you and what you can do for them. Yes, you can share information about your personal life—like marriage, kids, and etc. That’s one way you can bond with people who visit your site.

But, remember, don’t ramble about yourself for too long. People are there to see if your website is the right website for them.

Section 5: The Closer

When you run a website for business, and this is even more true for a real estate website, you must ask people to take some form of action when they’re done reading your content. Remember, you’re providing something of value for people, and for Realtor’s that “thing of value” can simply be the IDX property search system itself. If they’re still on your website, they’ll WANT to reciprocate.

What can you ask people to do? Personally, I'd ask people to create an account to access the IDX property search system because that’s the primary reason they're on the website in the first place. Your website visitors want to be able to find property, quickly and easily. The 2012 N.A.R. survey has confirmed this for us.

So along with the actual “call to action” statement you will also want to spell out the related benefit for taking that action.

So here’s an example of what your benefit statement and call to action could be:

“Save Your Searches & Receive Email Updates On Listings That Match Your Criteria”
Create An Account Now” (italicized text would be linked to your registration page)

Here’s another example…

“Track Property History, Save Your Favorite Houses, Email Listings to Others and View Large Photos On Your Mobile Phone!”
Sign Me Up!” (italicized text would be linked to your registration page)

Click here to see my example.

Goto the downloads page for the HTML template.